The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) and the Harare City Council have undertaken a process of redeeming bus terminals in the capital.

This follows the re-launch of a public transport system by government last week. This move is aimed at de-congesting Harare streets and providing affordable transport solutions. The ZUPCO buses will pick up and drop off passengers from their old designated points in and around the central business district, shopping centres and various suburbs.

Although the move was prompted by the recent fuel hike, it is progressive to subsidize public transport in order to ease transport costs for the nation. Re-introducing public transport creates jobs, reduce congestion and road safety or wear and tear. If Zanu Pf stays away from ZUPCO proceeds, the money generated can contribute towards developing Zimbabwe.

Acting ZUPCO Chief Executive Everisto Madangwa confirmed the news, he says the company will now be operating from designated ranks and plans are at an advanced stage to officially launch the buses in Bulawayo and Mutare before spreading to other towns.

“We are in the process of launching the buses to Mutare and in Bulawayo already five buses are already servicing some routes. The process will spread to other towns like Gweru soon,” said Madangwa.

The re-launch of ZUPCO has received overwhelming approval from the public who are now calling for more buses and bus lanes.