Two best friends die three weeks apart in what their friends are calling mysterious deaths.

Ashleigh Sagomba and her friend known as Mary Kelz Kayz on social media were both employees at DaNet. DaNet is a company which claims to concentrate on major portfolios of social housing. The company was founded by Zanu PF-aligned cleric, Obadiah Musindo.

Friends and families of the two friends are mourning, on Facebook Fortue Chawashira posted “Rest in Peace Ashley Ashleigh Sagomba, continue to rest in peace Mary Kelz Kayz. All I can say is zvakunyanya Danet If u know u know.”

Ashleigh Sagomba

Ashleigh Sagomba died while on a shopping trip to South Africa. Sources says that she suffered a stroke which led doctors to discover a brain tumour.

One of Sagomba’s relatives posted, ” I don’t think I can ever accept this, my wild, beautiful, vivacious cousin, you handled life better than I did even though you’re the younger one. You were always laughing and smiling, I told you on live stream I was coming, just wait for me. I’m sorry I took too long, God called you home. RIP my Angel Ashleigh, see you soon little cousin..” wrote Lynnette Regina Hlohla.

Mary Kelz Kayz

Mary Kelz Kayz graduated at Midlands State University. Sources say Mary died of a headache which later developed into a brain hermorrage.

Latinia Jim posted “Still can’t believe you gone Mary. You left a gap that no-one can fill. When I look at your photos I see life and It feels like a joke that you nomore. It’s sad that I wasnt there to pay my last respect and to say goodbye one last time. I remember my first day at Uni, u were there for me. in you I have lost a sister; a mum ;auntie nd a best friend.. will forever cherish..Rest in peace Mary.”

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