Fluxmans Attorneys have sent a cease-and-desist letter to Rutendo Benson Matinyarare, Jackson Muzivi, Mutumwa Mawere, Pardon Gambakwe and Gambakwe Media. This is in response to Youtube viral videos which appear to be smear campaign against Strive Masiyiwa.

The letter states that the videos are intentionally false, defamatory and injurious. According to the letter, the video’s claim that Econet and its executives are responsible for Edward Matambanadzo’s death as well as other people. Econet is accused of being part of a mafia engaged in illegal and criminal conduct. Econet is also accused of massive evasion of duty and taxes, fraudalent misrepresentations, involvement in fraud and corruption. The detailed list of accusation is attached on the legal letter below.

Fluxmans Attorneys have given Matinyarare and the rest of the men listed above until January 7, 2019 to retract all defamatory accusations. They have also been ordered to remove the Youtube videos as well as provide a written apology. Failure to comply will lead to a damages claim of 20million rands.

The videos have since been deleted on Youtube and most social media spaces. However, on a video posted on Twitter Matinyarare claims that “the issue is not about trying to bring down another black man down.” He claims the issue is not about Strive or Econet, but the issue is about holding power accountable. In the videos below Matinyarare claims that bringing these issues to light raises consciousness to Zimbabweans so they can hold those in power accountable.