Violence and Zimbabwe are becoming a common thread. The latest fuel hike has just added fuel to the fire.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, which represents most labor unions in the country, has called a three-day national strike. The strike comes after the government doubles fuel prices making it the most expensive fuel on the market in the world. The State set the fuel prices at gasoline to $3.31 a liter and diesel to $3.11 a liter. In comparison with a global average of $1.08 a liter with Hong Kong, at $2.04, being the highest.

Zimbabwe’s economy has been in a stagnant for more than a decade, with cash shortages, high unemployment and recently a scarcity of staples such as bread and cooking oil. However, the latest strike has lead to Police clashing with protesters, below are some of the images depicting the situation on the ground.

Protesters turned back drivers and block buses from carrying passengers in Zimbabwe’s two main cities of Harare and Bulawayo.

As police and civilians clash being bullets are being discharged. Some people injured. Pictures are too graphic to be published, however most of the graphics imagery is being circulated on social media.