Zimbabwean urban grooves singer, Enock Munhenga famously known as ExQ ventures into condom production.

In an attempt to expand his brand and advocate for safe sex and pleasure among lovers Ex-Q has ventured into condom production.

The condoms are called “MR Putiti” with the tagline “safe sex with Mr P is sweet sex.” Ex-Q confirmed that the condoms were his, however, he was unable to shed more light on other aspects of the product as it has not been launched.

The picture of the new condom line are circulating on social media. “Yes I have seen the pictures of the condoms circulating, they are my products and they had gone for testing and were approved,” ExQ said.

He further said that he will be launching them as soon as the consignment arrives. Ex-Q is part of the Military Touch Movement group which has several musicians among them Jah Prayzah and Tahle Wedzinza.

The group also has a clothing line.