38 year old Makosi Musambasi made her return back to the modelling scene at the Annual Runway Dubai fashion show which was held at the Marriott Hotel, Al Jaddaf in Dubai. The last time Makosi graced a modelling show was at the Miss Zimbabwe beauty contest in 1998.

The Runway Dubai Fashion is a leading international fashion exhibit that provides opportunity for diverse fashion talents and brands from around the globe to receive a well‐deserved exposure and recognition for their creativity. The event also serves to connect and boost the growth of the future trendsetters of the fashion design industry in the region.

Makosi demonstrated that beauty and strength are one and the same. After undergoing several biopsies and CT scans, the former reality TV starlet and television personality was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and surgery to remove one of her breasts.

“It’s one thing to see my naked body every morning , one boob short. I had a single mastectomy. Being on the runway with so many beautiful girls gave me beautiful back. I don’t think I can ever put it in words,” she said.

Makosi walked for African designer, Nkechi Harry Ngonadi who is popularly known as NHN couture. Nkechi an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who uses fashion as a medium to transcend  powerful messages.  This year at the Dubai Fashion Show,  Nkechi used the platform to speak for the millions of women facing a myriad of challenges.

“The theme was divinely inspired by NHN Couture’s models or ambassadors who included a Nigerian widow/pastor who had overcome infertility, after multiple miscarriages. I wanted women to be able to see them and think, despite what I am going through now, the world still awaits me,” Nkechi  said.


NHN Couture Designer, Nkechi Harry Ngonadi on the left with Makosi Musambasi on the right

After the trauma Makosi has experienced you would think that she is ready to slow down. Instead, when Nkechi offered her the opportunity to model she channeled her experiences to prove that circumstances can change for the better.

“Makosi represents the African woman. The world expects her to be bruised, but she is an overcomer. She overcame breast cancer, and did not let it define her. We cannot let our struggles define us. We both have risen above life’s challenges and are bringing our sisters along with us,” Nkechi  said.

Although Makosi doesn’t intend on permanently returning to modelling, she was definitely excited to have the privilege to participate at the Annual Runway Dubai.

Commenting on the overall modelling debut Makosi said “l had so much fun, I kept giggling. I felt restored.”