In a twisted situation a Zimbabwean man discovered he is paying rent for his lover and her boyfriend.

Jojo Tabengwa was duped to believe that his girlfriend Samkeliso Dube was staying with her parents. Only to discover after three months that he had been footing the bill for her and her live-in boyfriend.

Things became sticky when he realized he paid rent for the family, but was not allowed to visit. Furthermore, suspicious began to arise on recognition that Dube’s phone remained switched off when she was home. When Tabengwa exposed Dube instead of offering an apology she sought a protection order from the courts.

In a complaint lodged at the Bulawayo Civil Court Dube states:

“I am the complainant in this matter and the respondent Jojo Tabengwa is my ex-boyfriend. We broke up but he keeps stalking and harassing me. He comes to my house at night and unannounced to harass me and my current boyfriend. I have made it clear to him that I no longer have any interest in him and that I have moved on with my life but he keeps on pestering me. My life is no longer at peace because of him. His pestering is hindering progress in my life.”

In response Tabengwa denied the allegations citing that he was the one who was scammed.

“I have been good to this woman. I deny all the allegations she has levelled against me. It is not true that I am stalking her. What happened is that when we started dating she lied to me that she stays with her parents. For the past three months we have been dating she didn’t allow me to visit her place despite the fact that I was the one who was paying her rentals amounting to $380 per month.

Every time Tabengwa tried to visit Dube, he would be told her mother was around. One night he decided to visit unannounced only to discover that she was staying with another man.

“When I confronted that man he openly told me that they started staying together three months ago of which I was the one who had been paying their rent,” said Tabengwa .

In a sad ending Tabengwa was ordered by the presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga, not to visit his ex-girlfriend’s place and not to abuse or harass her in any way.