If the vicious venom against Masiyiwa unleashed by Jonathan Moyo is true, then perhaps we should be asking who is Strive?

Throughout the years the telecoms mogul has been a highly respected figure who has publicly maintained a squeaky clean image. This image has gained him local and global respect, but the heated twitter tirade by Jonathan Moyo has unveiled a mendacious man who many Zimbabweans cannot recognize.

Many are Zimbabweans failing to come to grips with the strong allegations which demonize Masiwiya. The numerous allegations include accusing Masiyiwa for funding the bloody 2018 run-off elections. If this is indeed true, Masiyiwa has blood on his hands. In disbelief, some Zimbabweans have resorted to labeling Moyo’s twitter antics as jealousy. However, Human Rights lawyer, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya who is based in the UK twitted the response below;

Masiwiya’s response to the allegations has made observers such as Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono to critic his reactions. In a facebook post Chin’ono juxtaposes Masiyiwa’s reaction to that of former President Robert Mugabe who didn’t like being challenged because he felt his views were superior.

“Strive doesn’t like being challenged and neither does the wife, now that is a difficult proposition if you are on social media. Folks don’t care whether you are a billionaire or not, they will respond, as long as it is reasonable and dignified, I see nothing wrong with it. I wouldn’t care less if you have sent 200,000 kids to school or you have put in $10Million into the cholera fight. That doesn’t exempt you from having your views challenged,” wrote Chin’ono.

While the public waits for the real Strive Masiyiwa to stand up, social media is un-fleshing a corrupt business man with blood on his hands and a disingenuous man who doesn’t like to be challenged.