Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa responds to the anti-government protest/strike which has turned deadly.

In a Facebook post Mnangagwa expressed his sadness over the events which have unfolded in Zimbabwe while he was away in Russia working on economic agreements.

“Wanton violence and cynical destruction is not the Zimbabwean way. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.As I have said numerous times, everyone in Zimbabwe has the right to express themselves freely – to speak out, to criticize and to protest,” the President wrote.

As the strike moved into the third day of protests high tensions continue, with widespread reports of violence.

“Unfortunately, what we have witnessed is violence and vandalism instead of peaceful, legal protests. There can be no justification for violence, against people and property. Violence will not reform our economy. Violence will not rebuild our nation,” the President continued.

Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa was quick to label the protests an act of “terrorism.”

“Threats to overthrow a constitutionally elected government by force and install an unelected person as president of Zimbabwe will be thwarted,” she said.

The President called for calm and peace from the nation “We are one nation, with one mission, and we will realize it together.”

“I understand the pain and frustration that many of you are feeling. Resolving Zimbabwe’s economic challenges is a monumental task, and while it may not always feel that way, we are moving in the right direction. We will get there,” says the President.

In response to shutting down all internet services Econet sent mass text messages to customers stating that it has been forced by the government to shut down internet service.