Scores of MDC supporters will to join a demonstration on Thursday against the Chamisa lead executive because they are resisting to call for  an extra ordinary congress. A source told this publication that MDC members were not happy because Adv Chamisa took power without following proper procedures.

“Chamisa staged a coup d’état while the then Mdc President, Morgan Tsvangirai was lying in his hospital bed dying from an undisclosed ailment,” said the source.

“A Police clearance has been obtained. Mdc supporters are going to be pushing for an extra ordinary congress to be held in February 2019. Members who left the party and rejoined are not suppose to hold any office.

“The constitution is clear that those who decide to rejoin the party will have to be card carrying members before they contest to hold any post in the party. This includes Biti and the G40 cabal expelled from ZANU-PF but have now joined hands with Chamisa,” said a source.”
If the MDC demonstration proceeds as planned on Thursday, it is going to be a litmus test on Chamisa who is fighting to return the control of the largest political outfit in the country.

There has been a lot of engineering behind the scenes to force the current office bearers to call for a congress early next year.
Engineer Elias Mudzuri and Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora are set to challenge Adv Nelson Chamisa for the Presidency.

Adv Chamisa is accused of fanning divisions within the MDC family by sponsoring thugs to harass those perceived as threats or enemies or both. Among those targeted is vice president Eng Mudzuri. Eng Mudzuri was harassed by some MDC Members of Parliament that included Charlton Hwende, Murisi Zvizvayi after he attended a parliamentary business meeting at the state house.

“Chamisa is very disrespectful to the elders. He does not want constructive criticism,” said a source.
The MDC National Standing Committee has suspended vice President Eng Mudzuri 2 days ago for endorsing or recognizing President Emmerson Mnangagwa.